Where Else Can We Go?

One morning hundreds of people left Jesus when they found his Way too challenging. Nervously he turned to his friends and said, "what about you? Are you also going to leave?"

They looked at one another, wondering who would speak up first. Hoping someone would know what to say. Finally, one of them answered, likely with a response that all of them resonated with.

"You offer the words that lead to a life worth living. Where else are we going to go?"

On our 2nd Anniversary we set up a camera, inflated some balloons, put out some sharpies, and asked our people to reflect on why they attend Sojourn Grace.

Their responses, like the disciples, were, "where else can we go?"

Watch the video above to see how people answered.

Here is the complete list of responses.

Why Sojourn?

Where else can we...

think differently
play theater games
work on fruits of the spirit together
trust any person will love and care for my kids like I do
where is THIS inclusive and loving
where else can I be safe
be assured i’m enough
where messy is loved and everyone celebrated
…and find an authentic community that truly welcomes all (with some amazing hugs!)
live in to grace for all
where children can be this loved
where else can I experience love, trust, family
be reminded i am enough
where else can I be free to express myself exactly as i am
be me
journey with mystics
where else can kids dance in the aisles
participate as a family
where else would my family be accepted and loved
where else would feel like home
where else can I expose my son to church without limiting his beliefs
where else does love win
where else can i be honest about my doubt, yet still participate
where else can I reclaim who god is in my life
rediscover love, hope, and grace
where else can I play drums for god
be myself
where my 2 year old’s joyful vitality is embraced not stifled. 
where else can this guy be my husband
where else can I serve
where else is this progressive
where else can I feel accepted and loved
what other church is not exclusively christian
where else do people want to hear my struggles and care enough to lighten the burden
where else is the opportutnigty to give and receive love fully
celebrate life
where I can show up in my pajamas because i had that kind of night/morning, but i needed to be here anyway
where I can reclaim and redefine being a christian
where we can believe in what you want to believe

no where else but here


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