Little Sojourners: What is Prayer?

I've been a bit (a lot) distracted and missed a few weeks updating you on Little Sojourners. Here's some of how we spent our time last Sunday. 

We began, of course, with our every single Sunday share time called kush ball rules. The kids shared their highlights and lowlights from their week. We had a lot of celebrating the end of the school year and also a lot of sadness over the knowledge that big changes will come for a lot of our kiddos, such as best friends going to a different school next year, etc. Then for our discussion time we talked about prayer.

"What is prayer?" I asked. 

"Listening!" Emiliano responded. Yes. 

"Peace!" Jae exclaimed. Yes. 

"Talking to God," Olivia explained. Yes. 

"Having a conversation with God and Jesus!" Em shared. Yes.

"Being in nature and still and stuff!" Tai added. Yes. And stuff. 

Then I read them a story from the Jesus storybook bible. These super extra holy dudes were praying a lot and using lots of clever words to do so and always in front of a lot of people. Some people struggled with the feeling that maybe they didn't know as much about God because they didn't pray the way these super extra holy dudes did. They thought maybe some people were equipped to converse with the divine while others just felt distant, disconnected. But Jesus told them that praying wasn't at all about being clever or ready or equipped. Jesus said pray in the quiet, your prayers are about what God says about you not what powerful people say about you. And then he taught them to pray like this:

Dear daddy/mommy in heaven, you are good. Your ways are perfect. Please make Earth exactly like Heaven. And give us everything we need to help you with that. Forgive us when we choose other ways and help us to always forgive others. And keep us close and wrapped up in goodness and love and mercy forever and ever. Amen.

Then we talked a little more about what prayer means or what it needs to be. Does it have to be on Sunday? Do you have to close your eyes? Do you have to talk out loud. Do you have to use words at all? Do we need to tell God what we need/want? All responses are good. No right answers.

Then the kids made a big prayer banner. Instructions were to express whatever is in your heart about prayer whether it's what you pray for or how you pray or what you believe prayer is. Here's some images:

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