Bring the Littles to Jesus

We call them Little Sojourners - the bright-eyed, fearless, energetic and brutally honest little humans who grace us with their presence. Believe it or not, there was a time in the history of our faith that Littles weren't quite appreciated the way we love on them now.  

Pastor Kate recently led us in an insightful message dissecting Christ's call to bring the children to him. She gave a fresh perspective on and age-old Sunday school story that suggested that maybe, just maybe, the Disciples didn't get it as wrong as we think they did. So what did some of our Sojourners take away from the message?

I loved the explanation that at that time and in that place, “Kingdom of God” meant “No King But God.” It totally makes sense and further supports my POV that Jesus had a revolutionary message of an existence beyond the present-day reality.
— Ginger, mom of a stylish Little Sojourner
The Disciples functioned in precisely the way they were supposed to. Living out the paradigm given to them by those around them and those who went before them. They wore glasses that they couldn’t see, glasses that told them things like “children have no value.” Jesus is super invested in the project of getting us to be aware of our glasses, and invites us to move BEYOND the status quo.
— Colby, dad of four (!?!) Little Sojourners
In the moment, during the message, the context and images Kate created allowed me to see the effect that Jesus had on people, and why it was so profound and and life-changing. I got a unique appreciation of the gravity of the situation for the parents. Those parents made a conscious and courageous decision to go against the norm and take what was a socially taboo step because they saw the potential for a better world for their children...that hit home for me. I could relate to the sense of freedom those parents must have felt after having been inspired by Jesus to the point that they’d just break the rules and try to bring their kids up to the front. In my head I heard them say, “We’er goin’ up there and I don’t care what happens. It’s the right thing to do for our kids and for everyone. I’m tired of livin’ the way we’ve been livin’!” The way Kate shared this story made it a much richer example of Jesus inspiring and calling people (through both words AND actions) to do the right thing than I ever though the story was.

Then...after thinking about the rest of the message over the next few days I began to realize how i have soooo many opportunities every day to make conscious and courageous decisions on a lot of different levels...and I start to recall that i don’t follow through a lot of the time due to fear and “laziness” (physical, emotional, spiritual, you name it). And i realize that the voice that keeps me from stepping into my power and into a new freedom, that voice that can easily become the subliminal message driving my decisions, is usually my own. And remembering this makes me grateful for the people, places, and things in my life who do the work of God to inspire me to stay conscious and break the status quo.
— George, dad of a dancing Little Sojourner
Jesus challenged the status quo, saying even the children matter. They matter in a word, in a culture, in a time that said they were worthless. And if they matter, all of us matter. This amazing grace that says we matter and are loved inspires us to step out like fearless children and overturn the status quo. It challenges us to love like Christ.
— Joshua, laughs at Little Sojourners every Sunday

DISCLAIMER: Yes, we know Jesus wasn't blonde. We just couldn't pass up the bright colors of stained glass!

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