meditation project

Rainbow Affirmations:

Blue: everyone is a child of God
Green: all are loved
Red: each of us has something to offer the world-a gift to share Yellow: we belong to each other
Orange: together, we can make a difference
Violet: all shall be well-love wins
Pink: we look after one another

Rainbow affirmations are prayers to remind us of our strength when we are facing difficulties. Just like rainbows only come after the storm, our trials reveal our greatest strengths.

Ideas for use at home:

-make bracelets or necklaces with beads the same colors as the prayers and use the jewelry to pray by touching each bead while saying each mantra. And they can have them with them all day as reminders.

-start prayer time by saying aloud, "Dear God, help us to remember...." then move through the mantras and end with “amen"

-list the mantras and ask if there is any one mantra or a few that feel like a struggle to remember right now and spend time in prayer about that particular thing, Example: "God, it's hard for me to remember that I have gifts to offer the world. It feels like I'm not gifted at anything. Please help me to see that I have so much to give. Please help me to remember that you made me special and you felt the world needed me when you thought me into being. Amen.”

-find a way to display the rainbow prayers in your home and say them together as a family.

-look in the mirror together in the morning and say these prayers as affirmations to start your day.