Sarah Nichter

Meet Sarah

I just love to help people. Inside the church, outside the church, or randomly throughout the day.

Here at Sojourn

It's my joy to lead our people as we serve and love on our community. So far we have organized food drives, built care kits to support the homeless, and I’m excited to see what’s next! I also coordinate coffee and food on Sunday mornings. Feel free to reach out if you have ideas of ways in which we can support our San Diego/global community, want to help provide coffee or food on Sunday mornings, or if you just are having a hard day and need someone to listen

Outside Sojourn

I’m a mom of baby Ocean, born July 2015, and an amazing wife to my amazing husband, Eric (who plays drums and more on Sunday mornings). I’m an avid runner and enjoy tearing up (okay, comfortably jogging) Sunset Cliffs in Ocean Beach where our little family lives.

Why I Love Our Church

We are originally from Austin, Texas and spent many Sundays seeking out a church that felt really right to both Eric and myself… and sadly never found one. We know, in hindsight, that Sojourn Grace Collective is what we were looking for: a Christ-centric community where you can be yourself and enjoy AMAZING worship music. We use the words ‘home’ and ‘family’ a lot at Sojourn - because on Sunday mornings you truly feel like you’re coming home when you walk in and the people you see truly feel like family.

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