Mathew Mitchell

Meet Mathew

Sojourn helps me practice the belief that people can be transformed through leaning in to one another in a loving community.

Here at Sojourn

On Sundays at Sojourn, my biggest hope is that you feel welcomed and a part of the family. Whether it's being greeted out front, or receiving assistance from a Host, or simply a warm smile and a hug (if that's how you roll). From time to time I also love leading our community in times of stillness and meditation, one of my favorite practices to do on my own time, and I love incorporating it in to our broader collective faith practices. 

Outside Sojourn

I run half marathons several times a year if I can. But when I'm forced to stay still, I function as a business development and licensing professional in the medical technology field. At all times, though, I laugh as much as possible and enjoy exploring the intersection of human biology, psychology and spirituality.

Why I Love Our Church

I believe in the transformative power of people in loving community leaning into one another and the world. Sojourn helps me practice that belief.

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