Jessica Mitchell

Meet Jessica

I am excited that Sojourn Grace might be a place for you to take the next step in your journey of faith.

Here at Sojourn

On Sunday mornings I help curate and facilitate an environment where people can worship God and connect with that which animates us all. Often times this takes the form of leading worship through music. I also give leadership to our Prayer Team, covering the community of Sojourn Grace in constant prayer.

Outside Sojourn

I work in the mental health field, love a good cup of coffee, and am enamored by the light that comes from our two children.

Why I Love Our Church

It is so important to me that people know that they are loved and that space is held for authentic expression, wherever one might be on the journey of faith. This happens in a community where questions are explored, struggles are shared, and connection is experienced in a transformative way.  Powerful things happen when we look deeply inside ourselves, and when we allow other people and Christ's love to enter our lives. Sojourn Grace Collective is exactly the kind of church where that can happen

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