let's take Sojo-Sunday Live

We believe that our messages on Sunday mornings at Sojourn are water for the thirsty soul, nourishment for the starved, a balm for the afflicted, and inspiration for the stagnant. 

And we want to share it beyond the walls of Garfield Elementary.

Technology has made the process of Live Streaming events relatively simple.

So to get up and running, there are only a few things we need.

Will you help us get up and running?


The Goal is raise at least $600 to purchase the necessary equipment (as detailed below).
Monies raised beyond the goal will go toward paying the monthly costs associated with Live Streaming (as detailed below). As with all giving, donations are tax-deductible. Click on the DONATE buttons at any time; OR, drop a check in the JoyBox (woo!) and write "Live Stream" in the Memo line.

Mevo Livestream Camera: Already Owned

Mevo Livestream Camera: Already Owned


Here's the good news: we already have the most important piece!

This little camera, known as Mevo, is a magical device that captures HD video and streams it to the interwebs.

And thanks to generous donations over a year ago to the Heather Moana Memorial Fund, we were able to pre-order this device on the cheap--before they began production. We received the camera last month and have begun field testing it.

Epsilon Tri-V System: $299

Epsilon Tri-V System: $299


One of the biggest obstacles at Garfield? The relatively putrid lighting situation.

In order for video to look decent, good lighting is key. But we also need something that is portable and relatively easy to setup and use.

This lighting tree, with 4-LED lights, should do the trick.


ZTE Falcon Hotspot from T-Mobile: $50 6GB Data Plan: $40/month

ZTE Falcon Hotspot from T-Mobile: $50
6GB Data Plan: $40/month


We need a wifi hotspot + monthly data package for streaming each week.

After running speed tests, we have found T-Mobile's signal strength greater inside Garfield than Verizon. Plus, it's cheaper.

This gizmo will give the camera a designate WiFi signal, allowing us to stream Sunday mornings to the Sojourn Facebook page.


Copyright License: $200/year  Stream License: $60/year

Copyright License: $200/year

Stream License: $60/year


In order to legally stream any part of our service that involves music, we need a license. 

The gate keepers for such licensing is CCLI. We need Church Copyright License, as well as a Stream License.


That's it! We can do this!


With just a few simple steps, we can take the messages of Sojourn and broadcast it freely to anyone who needs to hear that they are a loved child of God.

Thank you for helping us take this next step in spreading the love.

May more and more people be Brave (because they are a child of God) and be Kind (because everyone else is a child of God, too).