"Resist" Groups


Our Fall Sermon Series is called "Resistance," and it will be a call to show up in life in a way that resists those things that prevent the full flourishing of the children of God.

Join a "Resist Group" to meet once a week, for eight weeks, to talk about the ideas/questions/issues that came up in that week's sermon.

Find a Resist Group that works for you (location/time/etc) here.

Authenticity Matters


Richard Rohr reminds us that “the discovery of our deepest self and the discovery of God should be the same discovery.” The real, whole YOU—your authentic self—bears the image of the divine. In this six week small group, we’ll discuss what gets in the way of us showing up in the world as our true selves, and explore practices that can help us live out our belief that authenticity matters.

Go here to join this six week group that will call you to find--and live in to--your true self.

Transforming Relationship


In this group, we will be exploring different aspects of intimate relationships (significant other/friendships/family), including the limitations of traditional models of intimacy, expectations and needs, our identity and the roles we play. 

We will explore being in relationship from a place of empowerment and discuss topics such as forgiveness, boundaries, empathy and healing. The hope is that we become more deeply awakened to the spiritual purpose of our relationships.

To join, go here.

Social Justice


This Life Group is an on-going group that focuses on Social Justice issues.

This fall we'll be starting our new study on The Core Four, which focuses on the practices of Mindfulness, Forgiveness, Discipleship, and Communion in forming community and fostering justice.

To join, go here.

Women's Group

This women-only group, led by Jessi Million, will meet every other Thursday at 7:30pm in North Park. 

To join,  go here