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Here at Sojourn Grace

we believe...


"About Us?"

More like, About YOU!

You are valuable and enough

You are the powerful creator of your own life

You have good reason to be skeptical

You are not alone

You are worthy, you are spirit, you are an artist

You belong and have something to say

You have been hurt in life and have good questions

You are beautiful, loved, and have what it takes

You have a purpose and your opinion matters

You are trustworthy and have something to teach

And that this is true for all

gender identities, sexual orientationsreligious affiliations, ethnic backgrounds, and socioeconomic statuses

If you have breath, then you belong.

(Okay, okay... if you insist on knowing more about us, then continue reading...)


Core Values

Everything we do starts from here



Everybody's in, baby.

Marching in the 2017 SD Pride Parade

Marching in the 2017 SD Pride Parade

Our value of inclusion means:

We are fully open and affirming of LGBTQ persons.
We are egalitarian in theology and practice.
We embrace diversity in race, orientation, socioeconomic status, physical ability, age, and more.

You are a loved child of God, full stop!



Justice and Equality for all

Serving hundreds of homeless a Thanksgiving Dinner

Serving hundreds of homeless a Thanksgiving Dinner

Sojourn is a community full of activists and advocates.

We join the work of God to bring peace to the world.
We mimic the work of Jesus and stand on the side of the oppressed.
We follow the Spirit wherever she leads us to fight injustice.



You are safe here


Olive Garden used to say, "when you're here, you're family."
We don't have unlimited breadsticks at Sojourn, but we definitely agree with the whole "family" thing!

You don't have to pass any tests or adhere to any belief statement.
Just by being you, you belong here.

And we especially hold close families, because raising brave and kind children in this world is some of the most important work!



God, others, self

We end every church service like this: connected.

We end every church service like this: connected.

Jesus said the most important thing was to love God with all we've got, and also to love ourselves in a healthy way so that we can give that love away to others.

So at Sojourn we start from the question, "what does love look like?"

And from there, we trust.


What we teach

we don't have a formal statement of belief, but here are some of our favorite subjects to talk about


You are Loved and Enough

You will be reminded that you are a loved son, daughter, child of God. Worthy, beautiful, and enough.



Care of the Soul

You will be invited to care for your soul and to love yourself, and then give that love away to your neighbor, your family, the Other, and your enemy.



Doubts are Normalized

You will be embraced by those who know what it's like to doubt.



Church for those Who've Sworn it Off

You will be joined by those who have all but given up on church or institutionalized religion.



Full Humanity Embraced

You will be seen as the unique, lovely human that you are.



Social Justice Matters

You will be challenged to fight for the marginalized, the outcast, and the oppressed.



Full Inclusion

You will be accepted and celebrated in all the ways: orientation, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic status.



Inherently Good

You will be invited to embrace your inherent goodness.


Why Sojourn?

More specifically, why church?


Church can be complicated, right?

Many who walk through the doors of Sojourn do so with trepidation. Because church wounds are real.

Co-Pastors Colby and Kate share why they still believe in the Church.


What Makes Sojourn Different?

Good question! We asked our people that, and here is how they responded.

(still curious? Listen to this sermon)

Meet the Team

We're here to serve

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Sojourn staff

Colby Martin


Kate Christensen-Martin


Sarah Nichter

Community Coordinator

Board of Elders

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