Meet Jessica

At Sojourn, we remind one another that we are ALL worthy of God’s love.

Here at Sojourn

I like to say I bring balance to the team, in the fact that, sometimes I shock myself that I am leading a church.  Starting & leading a church was never a dream of mine.  I grew up in what I "thought" was a Progressive Christian community - where we sang hip songs, did cool retreats, wore sandals to church etc.  However, it was still very much a church with outlined beliefs that you were expected to ascribe to.  Soon, I realized this was not for me.  In my opinion, faith is meant to be experienced and performed in whatever way speaks to your soul. I found my church in yoga, reading feminist bloggers, volunteering in social equality organizations, and in relationships with others. But what I was left missing was an ache for community and a safe area to explore the energy I still very much found in faith and in people.

Also, I bring that whole “organizational type A personality” to the team.  You know - planning events, check lists, business opperations - those are kinda my jam.

Outside Sojourn

I work for Apple and design websites - I love red wine and weird deep conversations - I grew up living in San Diego and am still here (cue - burritos, beach, blue skies).

Why I Love Our Church

Gosh, I love every little last bit of Sojourn.  But if I had to boil it down - I love Sojourn because we are a community who values ALL opinions and ALL people, and most important, reminds each other that we are ALL absolutely worthy of God’s love.

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