Become a Monthly Sojourn Supporter and help us meet our monthly needs!

Each month we need funds to cover things like: facility rental, ministry supplies, staff salary, supplies for our kiddos, and more.

Our current monthly need is approximately $13,000.

Through our online giving page you can set up recurring donations.



Give a Start Up Gift and help us ensure that we have what we need to get started!

Like any start up company or church plant there are things needed right out of the gate to help get Sojourn Grace Collective up and running. We have already raised close to $10,000 to cover startup costs such as:

  • acquiring our status as a Corporation and a 501c3 Non Profit
  • rental costs for our venue
  • church web site and other admin costs
  • general church supplies and equipment

We need an additional $20,000 right now to purchase:

  • a storage trailer (to store and transport our portable-church),
  • a sound system (the school we meet in does not have one),
  • church signage (so people know who we are where we meet), 
  • media and sound equipment (laptop, music stands, etc)

Through our online giving page you can choose to give a one-time donation to help with start up costs. Or you can send a check to Sojourn Grace Collective, 3127 Bancroft St, San Diego CA 92104



Join The Prayer Collective and commit to pray for us regularly, helping to ensure that we are covered in prayer all throughout the city, state, country and world.

Any ministry effort attempted without people partnering in prayer is likely going to stall out.

If you join the Prayer Collective, sign up for our weekly newsletter to stay up to date with what is going on, so that you will always know how you can be praying.



Thank you for thoughtfully and prayerfully considering how you might partner with us on this journey, and help support this incredible movement of love and grace here in San Diego.

Your support and belief in us means the world!


The Martin Family: Kate, Jae, Tai, Huck, Colby and Zeke

Sojourn Grace Collective on Easter Sunday 2014

Launch Team & Fam: Sarah, Eric, Mathew, Jessica, Colby, Kate, Jessica, James

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(All contributions to Sojourn Grace Collective are tax deductible effective as of April 4th 2014 when we were incorporated as a Non Profit Corporation in the state of California. Our 501c3 status with the Federal Government is in process.)

Check out what we’ve been up to so far. This video celebrates the first 3 months of our new church, when we were meeting in our house. Thanks for stopping by!
— Colby & Kate Martin

Sojourn Launch Team

Meet the six of us who were crazy enough to try and do this whole Church-Planting thing. Eric, Mathew, Jessica, Colby, Kate, and Jess.