Sojourn grace collective is san diego's progressive christian church 

Launched in the spring of 2014, we are a diverse community of people committed to loving God, loving our neighbor, and learning to love ourselves.

These three things were what Jesus called "the most important" commands.

And we tend to think he was on to something.

will you consider financially supporting us?

Not being backed by any denomination, nor being the recipients of any millionaire's philanthropy, Sojourn Grace Collective runs solely on the donations of people like you.

We are blessed by an incredibly gracious and generous church community, but we have also seen some incredible support come in from friends and family around the country. People who see what we are doing here and believe in the call to create churches like Sojourn.

Your financial contribution is not only tax-deductible, but it will also help us pay our monthly expenses and begin to move forward on some dreams we have for becoming San Diego's Progressive Christian Church.


What makes sojo special?

Here's a few things we think are worth mentioning:

Progressively Leaned - At Sojourn we find a common thread in valuing things like equality for all, social justice, integration with science, and engaging with culture and the arts.

Uniquely Christian, But Not Exclusively - We are compelled by the Christian Story of a benevolent Creator who desires the reconciliation and renewal of all things. We are oriented around the person, works, teaching, life, death and resurrection of Jesus. We engage in Christian practices in a Spirit-filled and transformative way. So yes, we are absolutely a "Christian" Church. However, we recognize that things like Truth and Beauty and Goodness and Wholeness are not exclusive claims of Christianity. And there are practices from other faith traditions that we integrate in to our community's expression of spirituality. It's hard to describe, really... but we're living this value out the best we can.

Beautifully Blended - Sojourn is truly a Collective of people from all across the board. We think diversity in the Body of Christ is paramount to a healthy expression of living out the Kingdom. 

  • Our Leadership Teams (Ministry and Board) are equally made up of men and women.
  • Almost 1/3 of our church is kids!
  • Ethnicity as diverse as San Diego itself 
  • Half of our church identifies as LGBT
  • Average age? No idea. There's young, old, and everything in between.

Urbanly Located - Life is happening in the cities these days. There are enough churches that fled to the suburbs, but not near enough inside the heart of where culture is being curated. We want to help in that curating process.

Brave and Kind - Life is a series of journeys (or, "sojourns," get it?), and each one is a smaller story that makes up our larger story. At Sojourn Grace Collective we invite everyone to "Be Brave," because they are a CHILD of GOD! And also to "Be Kind," because so is EVERYONE else (a Child of God). Thanks Glennon.

Brief history

March 2nd - 23 people gathered at Pastors Colby and Kate's house to explore what a new Progressive Christian Church could look like. (This highlights our House Church Days)

May 5th - After two months, the Martin Living Room could no longer hold the growing Collective. So we started looking for a venue. (Here was our first Easter together)

June 8th - Our first Sunday in our new home, Garfield Elementary. (This is a collection of people who prayed blessings over us).

September 14th - Sojourn's inaugural Board of Elders is voted and prayed in.

April 5th 2015 - Just a few weeks after our One Year Sojoversary, we celebrated Easter with a record 134 people! Not that numbers matter, but on some level if feels like affirmation for the type of community we are trying to build.


Thank you for thoughtfully and prayerfully considering how you might partner with us on this journey, and help support this incredible movement of love and grace here in San Diego.

Your support and belief in us means the world!

HOW TO DONATE - Online or by Mail

Become a Monthly Supporter for the biggest impact. Follow the link and set up a recurring donation.

Make a one-time gift to help Sojourn move forward in its mission. Here's the link, again.

Send a check to 6236 Alderley St San Diego, CA 92114.